AP scores available online

APFor the first time, AP scores will be available to students online for free.  In the past, students have had to wait through most of July to receive their scores which were only available by paper.

As of this month, students will be able to access their scores online through the CollegeBoard. Students must have a CollegeBoard account, as well as their AP number to access their scores online. All scores will be available July 8th, however, the CollegeBoard will have early access to scores beginning Friday, July 5th, based on student location. Students will receive an email from the CollegeBoard informing them if their scores are available early. Students in North Carolina are part of this first group.

In addition to viewing scores online, students now have the ability to send their AP scores electronically to colleges of their choice. The CollegeBoard will no longer be sending these scores to your home by mail. The online report will list ALL of your AP scores for the last four years. There is a $15 fee for each report that you request.

Remember, it is NOT necessary to send official AP results to the colleges that you are applying to. The Common Application, as well as individual school applications, all have places for self reporting of AP scores. Official scores are never required to apply. However, once you have been accepted to, and chosen a college, you will then want to have these scores sent to that college.

Students have the ability to withhold individual scores from colleges, however, that request must be done by June 15th. So, if a junior did NOT indicate a particular college on the score sheet, and they did poorly on one or more exams, they still have the ability to have that score removed BEFORE they send it out to the college of their choice.