Early Admissions Notifications Arriving

Both UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Wilmington will notify all students of early admissions by next Wednesday, February 1, 2012. While some paper and email notifications have already been sent out by both schools, this does not mean you have not been accepted. Students should check the link the colleges sent them to their personal admissions portal to check their status. In some cases, the colleges are still processing notifications.

Due to the move to the Common Application, both Chapel Hill and Wilmington experienced a large increase in the number of applicants that they received this year. UNC Chapel Hill received over 29,000 undergraduate applications – an increase of almost 6000 students. As expected, this has led to stiffer competition and many students will find that they have either been deferred or even denied.

For those students that were deferred, both schools will send instructions on what they want you to do in order to be considered in the regular decision pool. Typically, both schools are waiting to see how the students compare to the regular pool of applicants. In most cases, they will ask you to submit your first semester grades as well as any new standardized test scores.

Bombarding the admissions offices with calls and letters stating how you really want to be a Tar Heel or Seahawk will not help. Your best chance for gaining admittance will depend on several factors: having increased your fall course rigor and GPA, either already having submitted strong test scores or recently increasing your test scores, and competing against regular admissions candidates that are not as strong as you. Remember, there are over 4800 colleges and universities in the US. If you don’t get accepted to one school, chances are good that you will have been accepted somewhere else.