30-freeAt CMH College Consulting, we offer several different types of services to fit the needs of students from 8th grade through 12th. Hourly assistance is offered on a case by case basis. We also provide financial aid assistance for those student about to enter, or who are already in college. Please feel free to contact us for more information.*All packages descriptions subject to periodic review and may be changed without notice.

Comprehensive Program

Appropriate for 10th-12th graders

This is our most popular package. It is a full-scale comprehensive program that manages and organizes every aspect of the college preparation, selection and application process.

When To Begin:

We can start working with you as early as the second semester of sophomore year in high school. The sooner you start planning, the more time you’ll have to insure you are taking advantage of all available opportunities-academically and extra-curricular wise- that are offered both in and out of your high school. Students may begin this program as late as fall of senior year on a space available basis.

How we work:

This program may include quarterly meetings sophomore year, monthly meetings junior year, and weekly meetings beginning in August of senior year until the completion of the entire application and selection process.

What we cover:

High School Navigation – selection of coursework, extra-curriculars, test prep assistance
College Selection – review of learning styles, personality assessments, career interest inventory, and a focus on finding a fit academically, socially, and financially
College Application – resume writing, timeline management, submission options, essay review, scholarship applications and interview preparation
Financial & Merit Aid – understanding of your expected family contribution (EFC), review of your FAFSA, CSS Profile and other financial aid forms, target list of schools that may offer merit scholarships within your academic profile

Financial Aid

12th grade

For those families that would prefer personal assistance in insuring all required financial aid forms are filled out appropriately and on time.

When to begin:

The FAFSA and other financial aid forms are usually due at the first of the year. Families that have completed their taxes, or can estimate their taxes based on the previous years completed tax forms can request assistance in reviewing these forms.

How we work:

Assistance with financial aid forms will take place online.

What we cover:

Review of FAFSA, CSS Profile and any other school related financial aid forms. *Please note that free assistance with these forms are available online.

Targeted Assistance

Current seniors only

Personalized advising as requested by the student and/or parent for up to 15 hours.

When to begin:

This program is best suited for current seniors that want to target a specific area of the college selection and/or application process. It also benefits those students that are not seeking advice and/or assistance with the overall process.

How we work:

Students and parents may contact the consultant by phone, email or in person for assistance with any aspect of the college application process. Offered only on a space available basis.

What we cover:

College selection, resume writing, essay support and application review.

Transition Consult

8th and 9th grade

One time evaluative consultation with parent and students in 8th or 9th grade

When to begin:

This program is for those families seeking advice on the transition to, or first year of, high school, as well as those seeking to understand more about the most effective way to navigate the high school.

How we work:

Parents and the student meet with the consultant in a one-time meeting.

What we cover:

Course selection for upcoming year, recommended activities, and review of current progress